Pomatio is currently in private beta. Stay tuned!

Product types

Apart from native default WooCommerce product types and features, Pomatio adds tons of new types and extra improvements to products.

Manage product types, completely disable those you don’t need

Continuing with our desire that there be no more bloat than strictly needed, you are free to disable product types that you are sure you won’t be using.


Simple products are WooCommerce’s default product types, and can be used to sell both physical and virtual products, downloadable files…

Pomatio improves them in multiple ways: unlimited product layouts, add to cart bars, etc.


Variable products are meant to be used to sell products that have different variations, such as sizes, colors, formats…

We add variation swatches and other fancy ways for users to choose between variations (such as buttons, radio, dropdowns…), and more cool extras to default ones.


External products are perfect for linking to affiliate links on your site. They work just as products, but its buttons point to external links.


Grouped products are perfect for product packs. When purchased, the automatically reduce the stock amount for each of the products contained.

Have a look at our related extensions, as we add more types, such as composite products, that are similar to grouped ones but also allow to modify quantities or choose different options.

Extensions available for product types and advanced features:


If your business has events, both online and in person, this is the perfect extension for your website. You can add events, allow people to register, add calendar filters and event listings, and even connect event registration to your shop, to offer paid events. More info →


With this extension you can create and manage products with recurring payments by introducing a variety of subscriptions for physical or virtual products and services. Create monthly service subscriptions or even yearly billing packages. Add sign-up fees, offer free trials... More info →

Product Add-ons

Offer add-ons like product toppings (extra sauce, double cheese...), gift wrapping, special messages or other special options for your products. This addons can have an impact on the final price, making it higher or lower. More info →

Gift vouchers

A complete system to create gift vouchers in your online store. Your customers will be able to enter the data of their loved ones and an optional message, and they will receive the voucher in PDF. The vouchers are correlative, and have an interface in the admin to manage their status, expiration date, etc. More info →

Token payments for bookings

Let your customers purchase tokens that will be stored on their account. Then they can make reservations/bookings using those tokens. Thus, you will also have the option to set how many tokens a booking of a product costs. More info →

Availability search for bookings

Add a bookable products search engine to your site and let your customers see available products that they can book for their entered date. Easy to use and a huge improvement for your store's UX! More info →

Early bird discounts for bookings

Basically, an early bird deal is an exclusive offer which is only available to those who register for an event or make a reservation/booking during a certain timeline. With this tweak you can set different periods with distinct discounts for each of them (e.g. if you purchase 1 month before the event date, you get %20 off, 2 weeks early, %10 off, and so on). More info →


Bookings let your store's customers make reservations or appointments without having to leave your site. They can be used for a wide range of purposes: lessons, experiences, activities, rental services, accommodations... More info →

Composite products

Composite products are customizable product kits, such as daily meals with starters and main courses, custom computers, skateboards, gift-boxes... Give customers the freedom to build their own products. Composite products keep track of the inventory of each of its subproducts independently. More info →