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Personalize your products with the Add Extras extension:

  • Offer Custom Options: With this extension, you can add extras to your products to give your customers a unique shopping experience.
  • Variety of Add-ons: Provide options such as extra sauce, double cheese, gift wrapping, special messages, and more so your customers can personalize their order.
  • Impact on Final Price: These add-ons can affect the final price of the product, making it higher or lower depending on the customer’s choices.
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Custom Options to Choose From:

In our commitment to provide you with the best shopping experience, we now offer a variety of “Custom Options to Choose From” so you can tailor each product to your unique taste. From additional flavors to special details, you can make each order truly yours.

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  • Multiple Choice:
      • Use this option to present simple and direct selections.
      • For example, you could offer choices like “Gift Wrap Size: Small, Medium, Large”.
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  • Checkboxes:
      • Perfect for extras that customers can select in combination.
      • For example, “Select Extra Condiments: Tomato Sauce, Mustard, Mayonnaise”.
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  • Short Text:
      • Ideal for customers to add brief specifications.
      • For example, “Gift Wrap Instructions: Happy Birthday, Anniversary, etc.”
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  • Long Text:
      • Useful for allowing customers to add detailed comments.
      • For example, “Special Message for the Gift Card: Dear Juan, Happy Holidays!”
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  • File Upload:
      • Excellent for products that can be customized with images.
      • For example, “Upload your Custom Design for the Gift Label”.
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  • Customer Defined Price:
      • If you want customers to be able to choose to pay more for certain extras, this option is key.
      • For example, “Add an Extra Donation: $5, $10, $20”.
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  • Quantity:
      • For extras that customers can choose in multiple quantities.
      • For example, “Select the Quantity of Gift Cards: 1, 2, 3”.
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  • Heading:
      • Use this to clearly organize and separate different sections of extras.
      • For example, “Customize Your Order:” followed by options like Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, etc.
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Implementation Example:

Product page “Special Gift Box”:

  • Customize your gift:
      • Small
      • Medium
      • LargeBox Size:

With the add extras extension for products, take the customization of your products to the next level and offer your customers a unique shopping experience tailored to their tastes. Enhance customer satisfaction and increase the value of your orders with this valuable ecommerce tool.