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Tweak your e-commerce transactional emails or connect them with the best email marketing solutions out there.

Extensions available for e-commerce emails:

ActiveCampaign integration - Pomatio


This is the official extension for syncing ActiveCampaign and WooCommerce. ActiveCampaign is austomer experience automation platform with powerful email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools that will let you add many automations such as abandoned cart, product retargeting, email flows and content dripping... More info →

Sendinblue integration - Pomatio


This is the official extension for syncing your site with Sendinblue, both for stores and regular sites. Easily integrate custom subscription forms into your posts, pages or sidebars, manage your contact lists, create and send beautiful newsletters, etc. On top of that, you can the Sendinblue extension to deploy effective e-commerce email and SMS campaigns, abandoned cart mails, etc. More info →

Add content after email headings

Append your content to WooCommerce emails, after the heading. Use this to add special instructions for the delivery, notes about invoicing, links to your terms and conditions, docs, etc. More info →

Add CSS to emails

Add your own CSS rules to your WooCommerce transactional emails to fine-tune their styles and make them look just like you! More info →

Add custom transactional emails

Choose the order statuses for which you want to enable additional emails. For example, you can send a second email for "processing" orders with your custom text and no product prices. You can also enable this emails and disable the native ones, to totally replace them for your own. More info →

MailChimp Logo


This is the official extension for syncing MailChimp and WooCommerce. You can add many automations such as Abandoned Cart, Welcome emails, Product Retargeting, Product Recommendations, First Purchase, Re-engagement , Post Purchase emails, etc. More info →