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Role based conditions

Not all your customers are the same. That’s why sometimes it is important to be able to treat each of them accordingly. Have a look below at our role based extensions available.

Extensions available for e-commerce role based conditions:

Price Based on Country

Geolocate your customers and set different prices for each of them depending on the country from which they visit your shop. You can set different prices for Spain, France... This extension is compatible with variable products, bookings, etc. More info →

Payment methods per role

Enable or disable payment gateways at checkout for different user roles. For example, administrators can have a special payment method called "Customer paid by card in person", cut-price or B2B customers can have bank transfer payment method while normal customers do not... More info →

Reduced price customer role

Add a new user role to your admin, which you can set for any number of customers. When editing a product, you will see new price fields, which will allow you to set discounted prices that only these customers with this special role can enjoy. This tweak is also compatible with variable products. More info →