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Dynamic content

Custom post types creation interface

You can create an infinite number of post types, taxonomies and custom meta fields for all of them with a simple click interface.

You can even add a “Locations” repeater custom field that will allow you to geotag your posts and display them dynamically as pointers or even routes using our advanced Google Maps block.


Do you want to create custom taxonomies? It is a breeze with Pomatio!

By default, WordPress allows you to organize your posts with categories or tags. But with custom taxonomies, you can further customize the way you sort your content, including your custom post types.

For instance, you can create a custom post type called ‘Movies’ and sort it using a custom taxonomy called ‘genres’.

With Pomatio, this task is done in a simple click interface, so taxonomies are created in seconds.

Custom fields

Add fields on demand with Pomatio’s field builder. You can add different field types such as galleries, locations, text fields, text areas…

Those fields values can be added all over your site, including content feeds and listings, single posts, etc. using blocks and merge tags, without any coding.

Database queries

Pomatio’s Query Builder allows admins to create custom WordPress queries & generating arguments for your feeds, combining dozens of options to filter and sort content.

Custom feed templates

Freedom. This is the word that best describes how you can display post or custom post types listings through your site.

Custom feed templates are created in plain HTML with {{merge tags}} and allow you to create virtually any design.

This advanced feature includes regular feeds, faceted search feeds, single post feeds…

Role and purchased products based block visibility

You can display each row on your site only for certain roles, or even only to customers that have purchased certain products or have an active subscription of certain products.