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Drag-and-drop content blocks make it easy to customize your layouts and designs. Use content blocks to add or edit text, images, products, and much more.

In this page, you’ll learn about the different types of content blocks Pomatio includes.

Simple blocks

Text Block

Write texts and create icon boxes with a rich editor.


Image block with tons of options, overlays, lightbox and click actions.


Image galleries with different layouts and effects.

Instagram gallery

Create image galleries that populate automatically from your Instagram profile.

360 image

A 360 degree image block that let your users rotate and move around.


Simple SVG icon block coming from your icon libraries.

Code block

Share code snippets with your users in a fancy way.


Add quotes to your design with this simple block.


Show to your visitors your upcoming events or big days.


Show off numbers or stats on your website using animated counters.


Add vertical space between elements.


Embed other website elements inside your layout.


Add vertical or horizontal lines with variable width/height and color.

Progress bar

A perfect block for showcasing infographics and numbers or statistics.


Separate two blocks of content by a line with this block.


Add customer testimonials with quote marks and pictures.


Advanced title blocks with option to choose heading tags, colors, sizes…

Typed text

Use this block to write your text and watch it type, backspace what it’s typed, and begin a new sentence for however many strings you’ve set.


Create video blocks or lightboxes from different sources.


Adding accordion drop-downs to your pages is seamless with this block.

Audio playlist

Add audio playlists with a full-featured player to your site.

Image comparer

Add a before/after block with sliding effect.


Notification blocks with icons and various statuses.


Add responsive and accessible tabbed content inside your design.

Layout blocks


A top-level container block for organizing multiple blocks inside it.


Within each row, you can place as many columns as you want to create complex layouts.


Add responsive columns to your layouts and animate them as the user scrolls down.

Inner Row

Nest other rows inside your columns to suit your needs.

Inner Column

Nest columns inside your inner rows and create complex designs with no pain.

Flickity – Carousels and sliders


Create content sliders with fade or carousel animations.


Add content carousels with any column number to enhance interaction on your site.

Company data related blocks

Company ID

Render your company ID as set on your settings.

Company name

Render your company name as set on your settings.

Legal address

Render your legal address as set on your settings.

Legal email

Render your legal email as set on your settings.

Mercantile register

Render your mercantile register as set on your settings.

Web domain

Render your website domain as set on your settings.

Blocks with a special touch

Social icons

Display your social network links as set on your admin panel.


Add button blocks with your styles as defined on button palettes and use them for different purposes (links, manage sliders, open lightboxes and modals…).

Widgetised Sidebar

Render a sidebar with all of its widgets anywhere on your design.


Show a breadcrumb navigation anywhere on your design to clarify your users where they are.


Render complex charts and infographics using this block.


Add any HTML to your layout.

Cookies info table

Render a table with all the cookies being used on your site, as set on your settings.


Render a navigation menu.


Subscription form

Add a subscription form to gain subscribers.

Unsubscribe form

Allow your subscribers to unsubscribe by using this form.

Contact forms

Contact form content

This block allows you to create limitless contact forms to allow your users to get in touch in an easy way.

Contact form row

Split your contact form inputs into different rows.

Contact form column

Split your contact form inputs into different columns.

Text input

Simple text input (name, last name…).

Phone input

Telephone input with option to display a dropdown with country prefixes.

Number input

A number field for user entered quantities.

Date input

A datepicker input that can render the calendar picker on click or as an inline calendar.

Text area

Textarea input, meant for long text user input.

Message box

A block to render text or other content between inputs.

Email input

Email input with email validation.

Checkbox input

Checkbox input for on/off type options on your forms.

File input

Allow your users to upload files from their computer and send to you.


Add dropdown multiple-choice inputs with your predefined values.

Radio input

Add multiple-choice radio type inputs with your predefined values.

Hidden input

A helper input that allows you to send hidden info in a form.

Audio input

Allow your users to record themselves and upload the recorded file to your form.

Google Drive input

Allow your users to upload files from their computer directly to a Google Drive folder of your choice.

Dynamic content blocks

Dynamic content

Render a reusable block, a meta value or other dynamic content that will change and populate automatically whenever you update it.


Display content feeds with your own queries, pagination, load more… You can choose the feed layout you prefer.

Carousel feed

Display content feeds with your own queries and the layout you prefer as carousels.

Taxonomy terms list

Display a list of all the terms in a taxonomy.

Taxonomy terms thumbnails

Display a list of all the terms in a taxonomy with image thumbnails.

Post taxonomy terms

Display a list of the terms of a taxonomy that are set for current post.

Bookings calendar feed

Display a filterable calendar with a feed of bookable products.

Bookings accommodation finder

Display a booking products search form.

Bookings finder

Display a bookings products search form with dates and slots.


Render an ad slot from your Google Adsense account.

A-Z Feed

Display content feeds split per letters (the initial of each post’s title), with A-Z  anchor links on top, and choose the feed layout you prefer.


A full-featured faceted search system that will let you add content search engines to your site.

Finder content

Arrange your faceted search content as you prefer: set the layout, the default query for the content…

Finder row

Arrange your finder in rows to get your desired layout.

Finder column

Arrange your finder in columns to get your desired layout.

Search field

Simple text input to search by title or content.

Taxonomy field

Search by taxonomy (category, tags…) and display options as dropdows, checkboxes, radios…

Post Type field

Allow users to filter the content by post type (pages, products, news…).

Order field

Allow your users to choose the order (ascending or descending) for the results.

“Order by” field

Allow your users to choose the ordering criteria for the results.

Author field

Add a filter by content author.

Posts per page field

Allow your users to choose how many results to display per page.

Submit button

Add a button to submit the search filters and then search using that criteria.

Reset button

Add a button to reset all the filters.

Custom meta

Search by your own custom meta fields.

Date field

Filter your posts by date.

Finder results

This block renders the finder results with your desired layout.

Finder results (in a map)

This block renders the finder results within a Google Map. You can combine this block with the regular Finder results block and create experiences similar to AirBnB!

Advanced blocks

Interactive Infography

Create images with hotspots.

Advanced map

Render an advanced map with your own colors and settings.


Marker element for the map block. You can add a custom icon as the marker and your own content to the info box.


Instead of a single marker, render a multi-marker route on the map block.

Dynamic Route / Pointers

Render a multi-marker route on the map block, dynamically from latitude/longitude values set on other post types.


Add modal boxes to your site, with options to open automatically after X seconds, exit intent and other popup related features.

Parallax scene

Create advanced multilayered mouse hover triggered parallax scenes with images, CTAs or custom HTML.

Pricing list

Add pricing lists to your site, useful for menus or services fees.

Table of contents

Automatically generate a table of contents (TOC) block to allow your users to navigate through an article.

E-commerce and user related blocks


Render a login form, with fallback for logged-in users.

Previously purchased

Display a list o products that a logged-in customer previously purchased on your store.

WooCommerce Blocks


Render the shopping cart on your site.


Render the checkout form on your site.

Order Tracking Form

Add a tracking form that returns the order status to your customer.

My Account

Render the “My account” area.

Recent products

Display a list of your recently published products.

Featured products

Display a list of your featured products.


Render a single product element anywhere.


Display a list of products.

Add to cart

Add to cart element block.

Add to cart URL

Add to cart URL element block.

Product page

Render the full product single page anywhere.

Product category

Display a product category anywhere on your layout.

Product categories

Display several product categories on your layout.

Sale products

Display a list of products that are on sale on your store.

Best Selling Products

Display a list of your best selling products.

Top Rated Products

Display a list of your most highly rated products.

Product Attribute

Display a product attribute on your site.

Related Products

Render a block with related products.


Events calendar

Display a calendar with a month view with all your events.

Event search form

Advanced event search form with a tiny inline calendar and results feed.


Display a full-featured calendar with different views.

Inmotek Blocks

Inmotek advanced finder

Render the faceted search engine for your Inmotek Real Estate properties.

Inmotek finder

Render a simplified non-AJAX search form for your Real Estate properties.

Last properties

Display automatically your latest properties.

Mortgage calculator

A mortgage calculator with sliders for amount, tax rate…

Properties slider

Automatic properties feed in a slider.

Real estate companies

A block that renders all companies inside your MLS group.

Simple properties list

Render a simplified property list from your Inmotek account.