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The payment of your customers probably is the most important moment during the shopping journey. That’s why Pomatio provides you with a wide range of options and extensions. Have a look below!

Extensions available for payments:

Price Based on Country

Geolocate your customers and set different prices for each of them depending on the country from which they visit your shop. You can set different prices for Spain, France... This extension is compatible with variable products, bookings, etc. More info →

Change gateways per product

Enable or disable payment methods per product category or taxonomy. You and play with "including" or "excluding" terms for certain gateways to get your desired setup. More info →

Extensions available for payment gateways:


Extension tags: Third party integration E-Commerce Extension E-Commerce - Payment gateways Save time and money. Simplify your digital payments so you can focus on growing your business. Go back to integrations & extensions Integrations, plugins and tweaks included with Pomatio. More info →

Cardstream integration - Pomatio


Cardstream is an independent provider of payment solutions, very popular for example in the UK, giving access to many payment options such as credit card, debit card, wallets... More info →

Klarna integration - Pomatio


Sell more on your online store with Klarna. Let your customers pay how they want, when they want (e.g. let them pay later in 3 interest-free instalments). Boost your sales, increase average order value and keep customers coming back more often. More info →


Add SumUp payment gateway to your store and get paid easily, process orders quickly, sell online instantly and manage your money effortlessly. More info →

Add extra payment methods

Add extra simple payment methods that can act similarly as the "cash on delivery" or cheque payment gateways. For example, with this tweak you can add multiple cash on delivery options, such as "pay to the delivery person in cash" and "pay to the delivery person by card". More info →


It is a payment gateway to accept credit card payments that will allow your customers to store their card for future payments, make refunds directly from your panel, etc. More info →


Skrill was originally a digital payment platform very similar to PayPal. Today it is a payment gateway used by hundreds of thousands of online businesses around the world, which was born with the aim of simplifying online payments. It offers payment gateways, bank account withdrawals, international money transfers, and cryptocurrency trading. More info →


Coinbase is a service that makes it easy for inexperienced users to trade cryptocurrencies. It serves both as a virtual wallet in which to store your cryptocurrencies and as a trading platform where you can acquire new ones. You can accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash in your online store. More info →


Processing payments with Paysera is simple, fast and secure. You can easily monitor all movements and accept more than 10,000 local and foreign bank payment methods, as well as payments with Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. All this with very competitive commissions. More info →


Checkout.com allows you to offer more payment methods and currencies to more customers. Similar to Stripe, it combines gateway services, international procurement, and payment processing, all through a single integration that supports multiple countries. More info →


Accept payments to the delivery/courier guy in your store. It is very common for food delivery businesses, in which the delivery person goes to the home with a dataphone or cash. The customer will see the option to pay this way at checkout and, once they place their order, the order will be left to you as "paid", so unlike payment by transfer, you will not have to mark it as paid manually. More info →

Bank transfer

Accept payments by transfer in your e-commerce: the user will see the option to pay by transfer at checkout and, once they place their order, they will be shown the account number to which to make the deposit. You will have the order as "pending payment" and you must mark it as paid manually. More info →


"Making a Bizum" means sending or receiving payments instantly. Now you can accept Bizum payments in your online store. The customer will only have to choose the option "Pay with Bizum", enter their phone number, enter their Bizum key and validate the transaction. It's that easy! More info →


This is the most common payment gateway among most banks in Spain. If you want this option, you can negotiate directly with your bank the conditions of your payment gateway and integrate it with your Pomatio online store. More info →


At Pomatio you can sell online with PayPal and integrate their professional payment solutions. Would you like to add PayPal to your website? It's easy! More info →


Aplázame allows you to split your customers' purchases into several payments, so they can pay when and how they want, directly at the checkout of your online store. With no fixed costs or risks for you, and with the solvency of WiZink bank. More info →


Stripe is one the best payment gateways on the Internet today. They operate billions of euros annually on the most innovative platforms around the world. More info →