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WooCommerce shipping can be enhanced with our wide range extensions and integrations. Please see below!

Extensions available for product shipping:

Last.app integration - Pomatio


Last.app is an all-in-one restaurant software with POS, delivery integrator, take away, bookings and more. Integrate your store as another sales chann... More info →


MBE e-Link, the Mail Boxes Etc.​’s extension for e-commerce platforms​, ​is an integrator between your ​online store and the MBE​’s​ S... More info →


Outvio is a post-checkout infrastructure for eCommerce. Online retailers can automate fulfillment, shipping (it connects to hundreds of couriers) and ... More info →

Table rate shipping

Add highly customizable shipping options on top of default ones. Define multiple shipping rates based on location, price or weight ranges, or item cou... More info →

Order from table

Add a new option to the checkout to allow customers to order from table. A "table number" field will appear and unnecessary fields will be removed fro... More info →


Tired of manual shipping and searching through hundreds of shipping providers? With Packlink Pro you can automate the shipping of your Pomatio online ... More info →