Pomatio is currently in private beta. Stay tuned!


WooCommerce shipping can be enhanced with our wide range extensions and integrations. Please see below!

Extensions available for product shipping:

Last.app integration - Pomatio


Last.app is an all-in-one restaurant software with POS, delivery integrator, take away, bookings and more. Integrate your store as another sales channel in the same platform and manage at once your products, orders and fulfillment. More info →


MBE e-Link, the Mail Boxes Etc.​’s extension for e-commerce platforms​, ​is an integrator between your ​online store and the MBE​’s​ Systems, allowing you to ​​offer different types of shipments​ to your customers, ​enabling automatic data transfer, such as recipient​s​, parcels​ information and tracking​ codes​ between MBE​’s​ ​Systems and your e-commerce​. More info →


Outvio is a post-checkout infrastructure for eCommerce. Online retailers can automate fulfillment, shipping (it connects to hundreds of couriers) and returns, and facilitate marketing in the post-checkout phase. More info →

Table rate shipping

Add highly customizable shipping options on top of default ones. Define multiple shipping rates based on location, price or weight ranges, or item count. More info →

Order from table

Add a new option to the checkout to allow customers to order from table. A "table number" field will appear and unnecessary fields will be removed from checkout. More info →


Tired of manual shipping and searching through hundreds of shipping providers? With Packlink Pro you can automate the shipping of your Pomatio online store and have unbeatable shipping rates. More info →

Sinqro - Integrate with any ERP or POS system

Thanks to our partners at Sinqro, we integrate your online store with virtually any ERP, POS or billing software! Sinqro is an integration platform that allows you to integrate and automate applications, system infrastructure and online and offline services with third parties in a simple, fast and reliable way, creating workflows and offering a new way of integration. More info →