Pomatio is currently in private beta. Stay tuned!

Product feeds and archives

The tools you need to fine-tune every aspect of product feeds and archives on your store.

Choose your layout

Layout controls allow you to set the product feeds you ever wanted and choose the number of columns, rows…

Quick view

Your product feeds can contain “quick view” buttons, that on click will display the most relevant product info on a modal window.

Change button texts

“Add to cart” labels are not always a good fit for all stores. You can add any label you want for each of the product types (simple, variable, bookable…).

Create custom feed templates

You can even create your own HTML feed templates with {{merge tags}}, so the designs you can get are truly infinite, and can also display your own custom meta fields.

“On sale” badges

“On sale” badges can be used to feature products that are with a reduced price. You can even add the percentage amount of reduction for each product.

Customize every aspect of archives

Sky is the limit! Add sidebars to your archives, product filters, custom subheaders…

The shop page can have a custom layout

Unlike the default WooCommerce shop page, you can add to it your own layout using blocks, which allows you to get creative!

Extensions available for product feed and archives:

Product filters

Add advanced product filters to your store's product feed and archives: let users filter by price, taxonomies or product attributes in an easy way. More info →

Pinterest for e-commerce

Get your products in front of Pinterest users searching for ideas and things to buy. Connect your store to make your entire catalog browsable. You can put your products in front of Pinterest users who are already looking for ideas and things to buy.  More info →

Google Listings & Ads

This extension makes it simple to connect your shop seamlessly with Google Merchant Center and present your products to buyers on Google. You can expand your reach and grow your business - for free and with ads by syncing your shop with Google to list products for free, run paid ads, and track performance. More info →

Price per unit fields

This tweak allows you to automatically calculate and display the price per unit on product single and product archives / feeds. Set the unit (e.g. kilogram, bottle, box, etc.), the product price, and the unit price will be calculated. More info →

Manage “sort by” options

There is no point on allowing users to sort products by its reviews if valuations are totally disabled, for example. You can choose which "sort by" options to disable on your product feeds and leave only those you really need. More info →

Add to cart on modal window

Instead of directly adding the product to the cart or going to the single page, you can display a modal window when the user clicks on the button on your product archives. This is very useful for example for food product toppings: the user clicks, adds the toppings and then adds it to the cart. More info →