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Pomatio’s WooCommerce integration runs so deep that we had to split all the info in the links below! Click on each to discover the magic.


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Sales & Discounts

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Product types

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Product feeds and archives

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Product single

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Product attributes

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Filtros de búsqueda

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Role based conditions

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Automate invoicing for your E-Commerce

Add and invoicing system to your store, or connect it to the best softwares out there!

Extensions available WooCommerce:

Quaderno integration - Pomatio


Quaderno is an invoicing and sales management software that also takes care of sales taxes in a very smart way, so entrepreneurs don't have to. You can integrate your Pomatio online store with Quaderno to synchronize all data, automatically generate invoices and pass them to accounting... More info →

Limit products per order - Pomatio

Limit products per order

Sometimes you will need to not mix a product with others in the same order. This tweak helps you prevent a product from being purchased together with others.  More info →

Pinterest for e-commerce

Get your products in front of Pinterest users searching for ideas and things to buy. Connect your store to make your entire catalog browsable. You can put your products in front of Pinterest users who are already looking for ideas and things to buy.  More info →

Last.app integration - Pomatio


Last.app is an all-in-one restaurant software with POS, delivery integrator, take away, bookings and more. Integrate your store as another sales channel in the same platform and manage at once your products, orders and fulfillment. More info →

Google Listings & Ads

This extension makes it simple to connect your shop seamlessly with Google Merchant Center and present your products to buyers on Google. You can expand your reach and grow your business - for free and with ads by syncing your shop with Google to list products for free, run paid ads, and track performance. More info →


MBE e-Link, the Mail Boxes Etc.​’s extension for e-commerce platforms​, ​is an integrator between your ​online store and the MBE​’s​ Systems, allowing you to ​​offer different types of shipments​ to your customers, ​enabling automatic data transfer, such as recipient​s​, parcels​ information and tracking​ codes​ between MBE​’s​ ​Systems and your e-commerce​. More info →


Outvio is a post-checkout infrastructure for eCommerce. Online retailers can automate fulfillment, shipping (it connects to hundreds of couriers) and returns, and facilitate marketing in the post-checkout phase. More info →


Add SumUp payment gateway to your store and get paid easily, process orders quickly, sell online instantly and manage your money effortlessly. More info →