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Support Policy

About our support policy

If you have questions or doubts about what the service includes, please contact us before contracting our services or purchasing our products.

We may update this policy from time to time, so be sure to check this page to make sure you are aware of any changes.

What does our support service include?

We support our products and services, which you can acquire through direct purchase at pomatio.com. Our service includes assistance with product functionalities, configuration and use.

In any case, if you need help configuring Pomatio or its related plugins, please take a look at our FAQ first, as you may find the answer to your query. Otherwise, contact us.

We will provide you with technical support as long as you have an active subscription on pomatio.com.

Bug fixes

We will solve any defect in our products as soon as possible as soon as we are aware of it, either individually by giving you a temporary solution tailored to your needs or by launching an update for all our customers.

If you think you have found an error, please notify us as soon as possible using the contact form.

What is not included in our support?

Our support service does NOT include:

  • Help or configuration of third-party tools, such as MailChimp, PayPal, Intercom, Google Analytics, etc., beyond the contracted service (generally integration between web/e-commerce and said tools).
  • Content migration to or from other tools.
  • Creation, modification or insertion of new content manually on your website (you can do this yourself from your panel).


At pomatio.com, while we can help you with questions about setup, installation, technical queries, etc., we deliver the software as-is along with a number of documentation resources, but we do not customize the software or configure it for our customers.

We consider customizing anything that changes the way our products look or work.

If you need any of these services for pomatio.com, you can send us your request through any of our contact channels, or do it through one of our partners.

Support channels

We provide support services through our ticketing incident management system (helpdesk), which works by sending emails to support@pomatio.com. We do not provide support through any other channels (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, or over the phone) at this time.

You must submit a ticket using the helpdesk or writing to support@pomatio.com to get support.

We may ask you to send us your login details if we need them to help you. Our helpdesk tickets and the information you share with us through these tickets are confidential. Only you and our support team will see your issue and its details.

Other support options

Our public manuals and tutorials, as well as our Frequently Asked Questions (or “FAQs”) contain answers to common questions and can help answer any questions you may have. These FAQs are relatively generic and may not be directly relevant to your specific query, so please create a ticket if necessary.

General information

Our support hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Spanish time, GMT+1 or GMT+2 in summer time).

Although we strive to respond to all requests within 24 hours, this time may vary and we may take longer depending on the complexity of the query.

Other legal aspects to consider

This Support Policy is directly linked to other legal aspects that you must take into account, such as our  Terms of use.

These should be construed as applicable to this Support Policy, to the extent that this does not materially change their meaning. To the extent the above link conflicts with those in this Support Policy, the provisions of this Support Policy will control the conflict.