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How and when can I receive my payment?

You will receive your payment at the beginning of each month, in reference to the sales closed the previous month.

In order to receive payment you must send us an invoice.

The commissions are paid once the client's payment has been processed correctly.

In case there is a return of the receipt by the client, the commission is cancelled. If in that case, the commission was already paid, we will write down the negative balance, to be compensated in subsequent commissions.

What kind of sites, people or companies can become Pomatio Affiliates?

Any site can join our affiliate plan. However, we reserve the right to reject a site whose content does not correspond to our values, includes explicit material, etc.

What is the commission I will earn?

The commission for each registration that you get us is €30, the equivalent of 2 monthly installments of a client.

* "Registration" means getting the customer to place the order at Pomatio, making the first payment.

How do I receive my links and banners?

In your Affiliate Area you will have all the necessary tools to automatically generate your affiliate links or creative banners. We offer quality designs that we renew frequently.

How can I become a Pomatio Affiliate?

Simply complete the online form and we will register you as an affiliate. Once your request is approved, you will receive an email with the link that will send you to your Affiliate Panel.

How can I track my results?

In your Affiliate Area you will be able to track your traffic, view statistics and much more.

Our affiliate links are designed with a unique identification code, allowing us to track anyone who comes from your site. Our platform remembers your URL, so it guarantees your commission for each Pomatio sale you refer.

How long is a cookie valid for?

A cookie expires after 30 days.

Is there a monthly sales goal?

No. Affiliates do not have a monthly sales minimum to be part of the affiliate plan.

What is the Pomatio Affiliate Program?

The Pomatio Affiliate program allows you to promote Pomatio on your website, store or blog and earn very good commissions for sending us traffic to pomatio.com.

Is there a maximum limit of sales for which I can earn commissions?

There is no limit, each sale generates a commission. The more sales you refer, the more money you will receive.