Pomatio is currently in private beta. Stay tuned!

Conditions to add a new plugin

Pomatio is based on WordPress, but is offered as a cloud software with our own theme and plugins, with very few third-party plugins .

Therefore, as a general rule, we cannot install third-party plugins, but we probably have a solution for you with features that we already have developed, or with a different (and probably more optimized) approach than what you initially had in mind.

However, if you are convinced that the use of said plugin is beneficial to improve Pomatio and meets the following conditions, we can study its viability.

We will never add plugins that do not meet all these conditions:

  1. That they are in the official WordPress repository. Many developers do not do this because it requires security practices and the code is constantly reviewed, so if something is not right it is easy and relatively common for them to remove it from the repository. So if it’s not in the repository it’s a very bad sign.
  2. That they are developed by companies, not independent and/or freelance developers.
  3. That these companies are the owners of the tool itself. For example, the MailChimp plugin is developed by MailChimp, not an independent company. If the company itself has an extension developed, it implies that it believes in WordPress and that it is committed to growing with it in mind. If it is not, and such extensions are developed by a third party, it is likely that their development will eventually be abandoned.
  4. That they get constant updates and support.
  5. That they have a high number of active installations (from 10,000 onwards) and a certain trajectory (quite a long time in the repository).
  6. That they do not affect in a high way the consumption of server resources (queries to the database, downloading files, etc.).

If you think that the plugin you have in mind meets these requirements, contact us and we will manually study its implementation, analyzing the impact and guaranteeing its operation within our systems.