Pomatio updates – Changelog – October 2023


  • WordPress Updated.
  • Translation updates
  • Third party plugin updates
  • General fixes


  • Improved POM – Events API integration.
  • POM Events: Added custom error message theme-option and typo fix.
  • Fixed Page Ordering.
  • Improved composite product.
  • Uncomment product gallery videos code and fixed variation image change with select input.
  • Fixed Delivery class issues.
  • Avoid adding products to the cart from the modal if there are required fields in the form that are incomplete.
  • Improved ‘Distance shipping calculator’ script.
  • Improved ‘Google address finder’ for checkout.
  • Fixed Delivery Selector tweak
  • Improved Contact Beacon JS issue in product singles.
  • Fixed background videos stopping when outside viewport
  • Update cart programmatically on product quantity change.
  • Fixed ‘Remove Address Fields in WooCommerce Billing Form Checkout’ tweak allowing checkout without address fields x2.

New features

  • Option to choose variations in the Wishlist.
  • Added option to display delivery times without ranges.
  • Option to display logged in username in menu nav.
  • Option to add cart pop-up to every product.
  • Added play on hover for inner columns background videos.